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    People don’t always give feel-good movies the credit they should. While we can all enjoy a riveting blockbuster, it’s not surprising that, especially in challenging times, there’s a growing inclination towards seeking out more lighthearted entertainment and feel-good films.

    Feel-good Movies to watch when you’re feeling low(IMDb)

    If you’re looking for a laid-back film to watch —something to tickle your funny bone, ignite inspiration, or simply rejuvenate your belief in humanity—look no further. Here are 7 feel-good movies for you to watch when you’re feeling low.

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    Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    The film is an exhilarating and heartwarming adventure-comedy. A rebellious foster kid and his grumpy foster uncle navigate the New Zealand wilderness, forging an unlikely bond. Packed with humour, quirky characters, and stunning landscapes, it’s a delightful journey that captures the essence of family and friendship.

    A still from the Hunt for the Wilderpeople(IMDb)
    A still from the Hunt for the Wilderpeople(IMDb)

    About Time

    Tim learns he can time travel and endeavours to create a perfect life. This heartwarming film seamlessly blends humour and heartfelt moments, exploring the significance of love, family, and appreciating every fleeting moment. It’s a touching journey through time that leaves audiences with a warm, uplifting experience.

    The Princess Bride

    A timeless fairy tale adventure filled with romance, humour, and swashbuckling action. As Princess Buttercup and Westley face obstacles, the film weaves a charming and witty narrative. Its enchanting characters, quotable lines, and true love theme make it a beloved feel-good classic for all ages.

    Legally Blonde

    A vivacious comedy that follows Elle Woods, a fashion-forward sorority girl determined to win back her ex-boyfriend by enrolling in Harvard Law School. With humour, empowerment, and unexpected depth, it’s a feel-good journey of self-discovery and challenging stereotypes, proving that pink can be powerful.

    A still from Legally Blonde(IMDb)
    A still from Legally Blonde(IMDb)

    The Goonies

    A classic adventure film that follows a group of kids on a quest to find hidden treasure to save their homes. Filled with camaraderie, humour, and imaginative escapades, it’s a nostalgic and heartwarming tale that celebrates friendship, bravery, and the spirit of youthful exploration.

    Little Miss Sunshine

    A heartwarming dark comedy that follows the dysfunctional Hoover family on a road trip to support their daughter’s dream of winning a beauty pageant. Filled with quirky characters, unexpected twists, and poignant moments, it’s a feel-good journey celebrating family, acceptance, and the pursuit of happiness.

    A still from Little Miss Sunshine(IMDb)
    A still from Little Miss Sunshine(IMDb)

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    My Cousin Vinny

    A hilarious courtroom comedy that follows inexperienced lawyer Vinny Gambini as he defends his wrongly accused cousin. Filled with witty banter, courtroom antics, and unexpected twists, the film is a delightful blend of humour and legal drama that keeps audiences entertained from start to finish.

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