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    The former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, said on Wednesday night that he often feeds his grandchildren oatmeal cookies, just like he does his pets. The 76-year-old Austrian actor revealed to the host Jimmy Fallon that he looks after three dogs, two horses, and a pig during an interview on The Tonight Show. For the unversed, the Netflix documentary series traces Arnold Schwarzenegger’s varied journey, from his triumphs as a bodybuilding champion to his iconic presence in Hollywood, and finally, his venture into politics.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken up about his terrifying experience on the operating table, where he faced a near-death situation during an open heart surgery (Netflix)

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jimmy Fallon’ show

    During a chat on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the Austrian actor made surprising disclosures. He expressed his deep affection for his pets, sharing that their morning meal consists of “oatmeal cookies that we put together, made with honey, bananas, and oatmeal.”

    “They were initially made for the horses, for Lulu and for Whiskey,” stated the Terminator actor. He continued, “But I realized that the dogs also love them… and then I found out that the pig also loves them. However, the pig loves everything. The pig will eat stones.”

    The seasoned actor shared that whenever his daughter Katherine, who tied the knot with Marvel actor Chris Pratt in 2019, brings his granddaughters, Lyla and Eloise, to his California residence, they, along with a diverse group of animals including horses, dogs, his faithful donkey, and even a pig, eagerly come together to enjoy the delicious snack. “they then stand in line. As soon as we step outside, one of my granddaughters asks, ‘Opa, can I have more cookies?'” Schwarzenegger shared, noting their enthusiasm for visiting and playing with the animals.

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    “So I give a cookie to Lulu, then I give a cookie to Dutch. I give a cookie to Schnitzel. I give a cookie to the pig, and the two girls there like this just like the animals,” he explained leading the host Jimmy Fallon crack up hard.

    Where to stream Arnold?

    Arnold is a Netflix docuseries that delves into the life and career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This three-part exploration uses never-before-seen footage to chronicle his transformation from a small-town Austrian boy to a global phenomenon.

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