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    The super-popular mobile tower-rush game Clash Royale has just started its 56th season since launching in 2016. The Clash of Clans spinoff may have made a billion dollars in its first year, but it has been going strong ever since too, and the new Season 56 looks to bring a little bit of love into the mix in time for the big day in the middle of February.

    Starting today (5th February) through to 13th February you can swipe through potential suitors Tinder-style and unlock your perfect match, which you will get for free on Valentine’s Day.

    Clash Royale daily gift lineup

    Each day in the run-up you will also get a special gift “to win your heart”.

    • February 5: 500 x Common Wild Cards
    • February 6: 600 x Season Tokens
    • February 7: 100 x Rare Wild Cards
    • February 8: 100 x Banner Tokens
    • February 9: 10 x Epic Wild Cards
    • February 10: 1 x Overflowing Gold Crate
    • February 11: 1 x Legendary Wild Card
    • February 12: 1 x Lightning Chest

    All players above Level 7 will be eligible to take part in the event say devs Super Cell.

    What’s new in Season 56 of Clash Royale?

    New card evolutions, 12 and 13 have arrived. Bomber and Wall Breaker. Both are listed as common cards. Bomber has the Bouncy Bomb ability and explodes on each bounce, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

    Wall Breakers meanwhile have a Barrel Walker ability – a two-stage attack that can also create havoc among enemy lines.

    Season 56 Tower Skin

    We also get a new Tower Skin, the Explosive Valentine which is unlocked in the battle pass at level 48.

    Clash Royale emotes

    The new season of Clash Royale brings with it six new emotes which are all love-themed to tie in with the rest of the event.

    If you are a keen Clash Royale player who needs a little love in your life, Season 56 is available now.

    Paul McNally

    Gaming Editor

    Paul McNally has been around consoles and computers since his parents bought him a Mattel Intellivision in 1980. He has been a prominent games journalist since the 1990s, spending over a decade as editor of popular print-based video games and computer magazines, including a market-leading PlayStation title published by IDG Media.

    Having spent time as Head of Communications at a professional sports club and working for high-profile charities such as the National Literacy Trust, he returned as Managing Editor in charge of large US-based technology websites in 2020.

    Paul has written high-end gaming content for GamePro, Official Australian PlayStation Magazine, PlayStation Pro, Amiga Action, Mega Action, ST Action, GQ, Loaded, and the The Mirror. He has also hosted panels at retro-gaming conventions and can regularly be found guesting on gaming podcasts and Twitch shows. He is obsessed with 3D printing and has worked with several major brands in the past to create content

    Believing that the reader deserves actually to enjoy what they are reading is a big part of Paul’s ethos when it comes to gaming journalism, elevating the sites he works on above the norm. Reach out on X.

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