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    Wendy Williams, the vivacious talk show host, takes centre stage in the emotional trailer for Lifetime’s documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?” After more than a year away, the trailer unveils the challenges Wendy faces, from health concerns to financial worries.

    Wendy Williams confronts health and financial worries in new documentary trailer.(X)

    The larger-than-life Wendy: Then and now

    Once a dominating force in entertainment with her fearless attitude and humour, Wendy Williams now grapples with a different reality. The documentary delves into her journey, exploring how health troubles stripped away her larger-than-life persona.

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    Heart-wrenching trailer

    Lifetime released a poignant trailer for the two-part documentary, offering a glimpse into Wendy’s life. The trailer is not an easy watch, revealing the struggles Wendy endures and the genuine concerns of her family about her well-being.

    Court-ordered guardianship and family concerns

    The trailer highlights Wendy’s court-ordered guardianship, sparking questions from her family. Her sister questions why she isn’t deemed suitable to care for Wendy, while her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., expresses worries that she might be taken advantage of. The entire guardianship system comes under scrutiny.

    Wendy’s ongoing health struggles

    Various shots in the trailer hint at the seriousness of Wendy’s health issues. Concerns about her weight and cognitive awareness are presented, showcasing the ongoing challenges she faces. Wendy’s family is shown expressing their concerns, creating a poignant narrative.

    Financial worries and candid confessions

    In a particularly heartbreaking moment, Wendy confesses, “I have no money.” The trailer captures her worries about money and her uncertain future, laying bare the financial challenges she grapples with.

    Kevin Hunter Jr.’s concerns

    Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., sheds light on the facade his mother has maintained. He states, “She’s done a really good job at making it seem like everything’s okay, but in reality, there’s something wrong going on.” This revelation adds a layer of complexity to Wendy’s public image.

    Struggles with addiction and Graves’ disease

    The trailer reflects on Wendy’s departure from her talk show amid battles with addiction and Graves’ disease. She spent time in a sober house before leaving the show. The challenges she faced during this period are explored in the documentary.

    Desire to return to television

    Despite her struggles, Wendy expresses her desire to return to television and revive her career. Her son, however, feels she has worked enough. The tension between Wendy’s aspirations and her family’s concerns adds depth to the documentary.

    Where Is Wendy Williams? release dates

    “Where Is Wendy Williams?” is set for a two-part release on Lifetime on February 24 and 25. The documentary promises an intimate and revealing look at Wendy’s life, inviting viewers to empathize with the challenges she navigates.

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