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    NEW DELHI: India head coach Rahul Dravid on Monday remained non-committal on Virat Kohli‘s return for the remaining three Tests against England.
    Kohli had withdrawn from the first two Tests of the series citing personal reasons.
    With the squad for the remaining three Tests likely to be announced in the next couple of days, Dravid was unsure about Kohli’s availability for the remainder of the series.
    The India head coach however mentioned that before the announcement of the squad, the selectors and team management will have a chat with the former India skipper.
    “I think it’s best to ask the selectors. I am sure they are the best people to answer ahead of the team selection for the next three Tests. We will get to that. I am sure there will be selection over the next few days. We will connect with him and find out,” Rahul Dravid told the press on Monday in Vizag.
    Earlier, former South African skipper and Kohli’s dear friend AB De Villiers revealed that the star India batter is expecting his second child.
    Kohli last featured in a Test against South Africa in Cape Town in January.
    On Monday, India beat England by 106 runs in the second Test in Vizag to level the 5-Test series at 1-1.
    England earlier won the Hyderabad Test by 28 runs.

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