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    NEW DELHI: After India’s resounding victory in the second Test against England, Jasprit Bumrah took a moment to pay tribute to England’s James Anderson, emphasizing his admiration for quality fast bowling.
    In a post-match interview, Bumrah expressed his appreciation for fast bowling, stating, “Before a cricketer, I’m a fast bowling fan. If somebody’s doing well, kudos to them. I look at the situation, at the wicket and think what are my options. I should not be a one-trick pony.”

    Acknowledging his role as a leader in India’s evolving Test bowling lineup, Bumrah recognized the transition phase the team is going through.

    With stalwarts like Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin nearing the end of their Test careers, Bumrah sees himself as the link between the old guard and the new generation of Indian bowlers.

    “We’re going through a transition so I feel it’s my responsibility to help them in any way I can,” Bumrah remarked, reflecting on his leadership role.
    Despite playing fewer Test matches in India, Bumrah has impressive statistics, particularly on pitches not traditionally favorable to fast bowling. His ability to excel in challenging conditions showcases his adaptability and skill.

    Reflecting on his growth as a bowler, Bumrah revealed, “As a youngster, that is the first delivery I learned (yorker). I used to think that it was the only way to get wickets.”

    Bumrah also highlighted his rapport with skipper Rohit Sharma, with whom he shares a longstanding camaraderie. Their partnership, both on and off the field, contributes to India’s success.
    As India’s premier fast bowler, Bumrah’s commitment to continuous improvement and mentorship of younger players bodes well for the future of Indian cricket.

    Wisden picks 2023 men’s ODI team of the year, includes 7 Indians in the XI

    (With inputs from PTI)

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