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    Celebrities have done everything possible to attack Donald Trump over the past eight years.

    They’ve called him a racist, a Nazi and/or Hitler and wished death upon him in too many ways to count. None have suffered professional blowback for those actions, save one “D-List” celebrity.

    Kathy Griffin.

    The “My Life on the D-List” star shared an image of her holding Trump’s bloody head aloft at the dawn of the real estate mogul’s presidency. All heck broke loose.

    CNN fired her from its New Year’s Eve coverage. Comedy clubs stopped booking her. She tearfully apologized for her actions and watched her idiosyncratic career crumble.

    She claimed at the time to be temporarily put on a governmental no-fly list. She told her side of those events in the 2019 documentary “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story.”

    That was then.

    Today, celebrities are still allowed to say anything about Trump sans repercussions. Griffin later rescinded her apology for the photograph and even re-shared it on social media without a fraction of the outrage the original posting inspired.

    Except now her career is flailing all on its own.

    Griffin begged fans via social media to buy tickets to her upcoming shows which, apparently, are struggling to fill up venues.

    “I need comedy fans to come out and see me in Kansas City. Come on! I need sell-outs. I’ve been through hell. I’ve been through so much crap since my last tour. I actually just have to laugh at it. I just have to laugh.”

    Axios Des Moines reported Griffin’s upcoming Iowa appearance still has a “significant” number of unsold seats.

    She told the outlet, again, that she shouldn’t have apologized for the bloody Trump image. She also noted that her current act focuses more on her personal woes and lacks a single, structured bit tied to Trump.

    “As of now, I don’t even mention Trump in my new show … He just kind of doesn’t come up,” she told the Omaha World-Herald.

    Griffin, 63, has suffered some personal blows in recent years, including a divorce, addiction and a battle with lung cancer.

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