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    NEW DELHI: As Team India gears up for the U-19 World Cup semi-final clash against South Africa, prolific batter Musheer Khan has emphasized that personal achievements won’t bring satisfaction unless the team secures the ultimate prize.
    “I am happy with my performances but I won’t be satisfied until we win the World Cup. As far as being the highest run-getter, I don’t really want to think about it,” stated the 18-year-old talent, expressing his unwavering commitment to the team’s success, as reported by ICC.

    Khan emphasized that the team’s primary goal since the beginning of the tournament has been winning the World Cup. He credited his learnings from elder brother Sarfaraz Khan, highlighting the importance of a winning mentality and building innings strategically.

    “Since we started playing the tournament, it was only about winning the World Cup and that’s what we are focusing on. I only want to do well for the team and take the results as they come. I have learned a lot from Sarfaraz – right from how he bats to how he is always thinking about winning the game for his team to how he builds his innings,” Khan added.
    Drawing inspiration from his brother Sarfaraz Khan, Musheer shared the advice he received before the tournament, emphasizing the pride associated with representing India on the cricket field.
    “The first thing he told me [before the U19 World Cup] was that there is no bigger pride than playing for India. He told me to enjoy myself on the field and whenever I get a chance – be it with the bat or ball – you have to pull the team up in any situation and win the game,” Musheer revealed.
    As they face South Africa in the semi-final, Musheer Khan’s commitment reflects India’s determination to clinch the coveted title once again.
    (With inputs from ANI)

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