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    Paige DeSorbo's Style Tips

    We love Paige Desorbo and you probably do too.

    You may have seen her on Winter House, Summer House and more recently Southern Charm with her boyfriend Craig Conover. You might also know her from her hilarious podcast Giggly Squad and her stylish Instagram feed.

    Recently she was on the HIM & HER Show talking about how she got into reality TV, what it’s really like behind the scenes, her current (and past) relationships and….her STYLE TIPS.

    Paige DeSorbo’s Style Tips and Tricks

    Paige always looks put together – her outfits are on point, makeup is natural and chic and her accessories are to die for. Plus, she’s hilarious. Did you catch the episode where she told Craig he looked like a stressed out accountant? LOL.

    Of course Lauryn had to ask Paige her style tips, especially for someone who doesn’t know where to start. Here’s what Paige said:

    “It’s all about having really good basics and that helps you figure out your own personal style. And your style can be different every single day. One day you can go business chic the next day you can do full grunge. If you feel good in it, wear it. Who cares if it’s trendy or not.”

    Simple. Easy. Makes so much sense.

    We highly recommend you go stalk Paige’s Instagram. Her outfits are always on the pulse and she is all about affordability too. She even has her own show on Amazon to help guide us when it comes to Amazon fashion finds, makeup and how to put pieces together. Be sure to check it out here, and in the meantime check out our favorite Amazon fashion recs from Paige:

    + skinny belts

    + gold earrings

    + black skirt sweater set

    + chunky boots

    + woven bag

    If you love Paige as much as we do, her episode is a must-listen. You’ll find out how she knew her and Craig would last, how she dresses for TV and what’s next for her and all her endeavors.

    x, The Skinny Confidential team.

    + stalk these affordable fashion pieces everyone should own.

    ++ chic, classic outfits with a twist to spice up your outfits.


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