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    He said that he used several variations of the ChatGPT bot

    A Russian man has claimed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) helped him find the love of his life. 

    He said that he used a Tinder bot – powered by ChatGPT – that helped him connect with over 5,000 women on the app.

    Alexander Zhadan said that he proposed the woman he liked – now his wife – after meeting about 5,239 women.

    In a long post on X, Zhadan said that sometimes the ChatGPT bot fixed six dates for him a day. He said he stopped using the bot after meeting his wife Karina.

    Karina, he said, was not aware of the role ChatGPT bot played in her relationship. Zhadan said that she reacted calmly after he told him the truth.

    Zhadan said that the bot fixed dates for him, had “small talks” with women and also removed unfit matches.

    “The machine was able to select the right girls almost always correctly,” he posted.

    He said that he used several variations of the ChatGPT bot to find the “right woman.”

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