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    Team Uddhav said the world’s largest democracy bowed its head in shame in Chandigarh


    Amid the controversy over the result of the Chandigarh Mayor elections, Shiv Sena’s (UBT) mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ took a dig at the Centre and said that it is the victory of dishonesty and mobocracy, adding, “The world’s largest democracy bowed its head in shame in Chandigarh.”

    “BJP’s victory in Chandigarh Mayor elections is the victory of dishonesty and mobocracy. The world’s largest democracy bowed its head in shame in Chandigarh and this murder of democracy took place on the day of Gandhi Jayanti. In the Chandigarh Mayor election, the AAP and Congress had 20 votes each, while the BJP had 16 votes. Yet the presiding officer announced that the BJP had won the mayor’s seat, rejected your eight votes for it and ran away from the auditorium. This ‘horror show’ of democracy was portrayed and the world saw this cowardly side of BJP,” Saamana said in its editorial.

    The BJP’s Manoj Sonkar was declared the Mayor of Chandigarh on Tuesday after he won the mayoral polls with 16 votes against the 12 votes bagged by Congress-AAP candidate Kuldeep Tita. Eight votes were declared invalid.

    “Without fraud and dishonesty, BJP cannot win an election of Mayor, the BJP has been in power at the Centre for the last ten years and is talking about coming to power again in 2024. The terrible thing that happened in the Chandigarh Mayor elections is an example of what the 2024 elections will be like and what villainous drama can unfold in Parliament after the results. What happened in Chandigarh was straight bullying by the BJP. Those who committed such a heinous crime out of jealousy of winning an election in Chandigarh will stoop to a lower level to win the general elections of the country,” it added.

    Saamana further added that it was the so-called Ram devotees who kidnapped Sita in the form of democracy.

    “In the Chandigarh Mayor elections, BJP has committed hooliganism in an ‘underworld’ manner. There was no success in breaking the parties like Congress and AAP to establish power there, hence the presiding officer declared 8 votes invalid and took away those ballot papers. This is the kidnapping of Sita in the form of democracy, which happened openly in Chandigarh,” it said.

    “There is no longer any need for Ravana to abduct Sita. It was the so-called Ram devotees who kidnapped her. If Shri Ram returns to Ayodhya, he will again get upset and go into exile, such is the situation in the country,” it added.

    (Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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