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    LUCKNOW: In a proactive measure to prevent forest fires during the upcoming summer season, the Yogi government is implementing a series of strategic initiatives. The government is already on high alert and is running ‘Forest Fire Safety Week‘ from February 1 to February 7 across the state to raise public awareness on fire prevention measures, the Chief Minister’s office said.
    To bolster monitoring and control efforts, a dedicated Fire Control Cell has been set up in the offices of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and the Department Head in Lucknow. The Chief Forest Conservator (Publicity) has been designated as the nodal officer for the state headquarters’ cell, responsible for weekly reporting on fire incidents received from subordinate offices to the government.
    It is worth mentioning here that according to the statistics available, the last three years have seen substantial decrease in forest fire incidents, which serves as a testament to the state government’s vigilant monitoring.
    “As part of the ongoing Forest Fire Safety Week, scheduled until February 7, awareness campaigns, rallies, and competitions are being conducted throughout the state, aiming to inform a wider audience and mitigate the occurrences of forest fires,” the Chief Minister’s office said.
    At the divisional level, the Yogi government has mandated the establishment of control rooms, ensuring round-the-clock operations. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Department Head, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, highlighted that fire control rooms have been set up in each Divisional Forest Officer’s and Forest Conservator’s office.
    Operating 24/7 with three-shift employee deployments, these control rooms will register information in various ranges, ensuring swift action upon detection. The Forest Conservator (Zonal) will also communicate pertinent information to the Chief Forest Conservator.
    Further, fire control cells have been instituted at the regional and divisional chief forest conservator levels, facilitating the transmission of information from subordinate offices to officers. In Lucknow, a helpline number (0522-2207951) has been established for information related to forest fire incidents, with local helpline numbers made available for officers, the general public, and other departments in all districts.
    The Yogi government’s monitoring efforts have yielded positive results, leading to a significant decline in forest fire incidents over the last three years.
    From November 2020 to June 2021, 10,275 cases have been reported. From November 2021 to June 2022, 6,030 cases have been reported and from November 2022 to June 2023, 3,339 cases have been reported, the CMO added.
    These figures underscore the effectiveness of the government’s proactive approach in curbing forest fires and preserving the state’s natural resources.

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